Just Haasnoot

Center-staging premium interior

Just Haasnoot, a leading interior design studio in the Netherlands, specializes in timeless and handpicked interior pieces, design and art. They asked us to develop a new website and webshop that correlated with their brand and vision.


By stripping the content and elements to their core, we created a space which center-stages the products of Just Haasnoot. In order to add life and a sense of calm, we adapted a simple and consistent animation style, mimicking the pattern of the human breath. Content adhered to a 12 point grid system, and for type we chose a quirky yet highly legible Klim Type Foundry font; Calibre.

Together it creates a space where the products are amplified by the intimate design process surrounding it.

We created an easily maintainable store system, built on a foundation that allows Just Haasnoot to scale in the future for more complexity. To give their team flexibility in maintaining their web presence, we provided a powerful and customized CMS system.